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5 of Our Most Creative Timelapse Videos

Paulo Palha

Filmmakers today are lucky to have a variety of creative filming techniques at their fingertips. From infrared cameras to aerial drones, there’s a filming style to suit every project. One of the most popular techniques for exploring the motifs of time and change is time-lapse filmography.

As the name suggests, a time-lapse film concentrates on a specific location or frame for period of time — this could be a day, a month or even a year. This footage is then sped up to give the illusion of time moving quickly. Filmmakers can condense hours of footage into a single video, only a few minutes long. It’s a great tool for documenting natural wonders, such as the Aurora Borealis or even simply the changing seasons, as well as exploring the busy cityscapes.


In this post, we’ve picked five different time-lapse videos featured on Travideo, each exploring a different destination, a motif and a style. Enjoy!




Invisible Oregon — Oregon, USA

This is more than a video — it’s a sensory experience. Using infrared converted cameras, filmmaker Sam Forencich captures surreal footage of some of Oregon’s most mesmerizing sights, including: the earthly beauty of Mount Hood volcano, Oregon’s diverse green forests, snow-covered mountains, rugged landscapes, St. Johns Bridge leading to glittering Portland, among others. Watch here.





Seoul — Seoul, South Korea

Seoul is abound with famous landmarks and attractions. In this time-lapse video, filmmaker Awhelin explores the chaotic capital with beautiful shots of the Namdaemun Gate, the Gyeongbokgung palace, the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, as well as bustling streets and colourful food markets. It’s a busy but beautiful video offering a unique insight into South Korea’s capital. Check it out here.





South Africa 

With the help of time-lapse filmography, Daan van Reign condensed his 11 day trip across the country into this stunning 3-minute video. With shots of Cape Town’s iconic Table Mountain, Stellenbosch’s wineries, Boulder’s beach penguins and more, it’s a true journey into South Africa’s diverse landscape. Explore here.





Iceland: Summer / Winter 

A fantastic example of time-lapse film covering a large period of time. This video explores the opposing seasons, summer and winter and how they unfold in Iceland. Starring a majestic sunrise, Iceland’s ice caves, snow-covered mountains and hills, the northern lights and many other talented characters, you’re guaranteed to get serious travel envy. Take a trip through the seasons here.





Technicolour Alaska — Alaska, USA

Iceland isn’t the only place famous for its spectacular views of the Northern Lights! In this video, filmmaker Alexis Coram captures the Aurora Borealis as seen from Alaska. The mesmerizing footage showcases the dancing lights in all their glory, leaving you quite literally star-struck. It’s a must-watch for anyone wanting to marvel at the world’s natural splendour. Check it out here.

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