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5 Travel Gems to Add to Your Bucket List

Paulo Palha

We spend hours curating the best travel videos from around the globe for you to enjoy; and in the process have encountered lots of stunning footage that showcases some of this planet’s best-kept secrets and paradisiac destinations.

We wanted to share some of these places with you — because what’s better than discovering beautiful new spots to travel to? Prepare to be inspired.


Ngare Ndare Forest, Kenya



This lush forest can be found 4 miles north of Nairobi, at the foothills of Mount Kenya. With plenty of wildlife to enjoy — including elephants, black rhinos and buffalo — the reserve is a must-visit for nature fans looking to immerse themselves in the flora and fauna of East Africa. There are two campsites with basic facilities, meaning an overnight stay in the stunning nature reserve is a possibility. Watch this video to discover more about Ngare Ndare Forest.



Isla Del Sol, Bolivia



Can you imagine anything greater than waking up to the sun rising over a glistening sea, surrounded by nothing but nature? This is possible on La Isla del Sol in Bolivia’s Lake Titicaca, where you can camp in the hills and sleep under a starry sky. Watch our video to witness the beauty for yourself.



Faroe Islands



This archipelago of 18 mountainous islands is located halfway between Scotland and Iceland, in the North Atlantic Ocean. They’re part of the Kingdom of Denmark but have autonomous self rule; and offer everything from diving and hiking to fishing and dining. There’s certainly plenty to keep you busy on these unspoilt islands; which are undoubtedly one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Watch our film to find out more.



Holbox Island, Mexico



Holbox Island is Mexico’s Eden. Just a short flight or ferry ride away from raucous Cancun, this paradise island has everything — except lots of tourists. Delicious food, white sand beaches, whale watching and very few roads make for an unforgettable island retreat which shows a whole new side to Mexico. To find out more, check out this video.



Palawan, Philippines



Recently voted the most beautiful island in the world, Palawan is a real life paradise. It’s home to rare wildlife such as purple crabs and mouse deer; and is considered one of the best spots for scuba diving in the world. With so much natural beauty and the clearest turquoise sea, you’ll never want to leave. See why by watching this stunning drone footage of the island.

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