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8 Travel Hacks That Will Make Your Trip Hassle-Free

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To help you out on your adventures, we’ve put together some top tips from our community of inveterate travellers, to make your travels go that little bit smoother.

Because the truth is, when you’ve planned and saved for an overseas adventure, you don’t want to spend your time worrying about what to pack before you go; or wondering where you put that one essential item once you’ve arrived.




1. Carry spare pants in your hand luggage

If you’re checking some luggage into the hold, pop a few essentials into your carry on in case of any mishaps. This can be particularly helpful if you have a connecting flight or end up getting delayed and don’t have your big bag on you.


2. Extra lock

It’s good travel security to lock your hold luggage, but a decent lock can also be used during your trip if you’re staying in hostels and will be leaving any valuables in a communal dorm. You don’t want to seem distrustful of your roomies, but it’s also not worth taking any risks.


3. Monzo Card

Taking a cash card (like the Monzo debit card or Caxton Card) on your travels is beneficial for a few reasons. You can transfer regular small amounts from your bank account onto your card so if it’s stolen or skimmed you won’t put all your hard earned travel savings in danger.

Also, these types of card allow you to withdraw money in-country at the local currency rate, which will be more affordable than the conversion rate your ur UK bank will charge you on foreign cash withdrawals.




4. Get a local SIM Card

If you’re going to be spending an extended period of time in one country or geographic area, then you might find that investing in a local sim offers a much cheaper way of getting data and minutes. Using add-on or foreign packages offered by your UK mobile network can be costly, especially if you’re travelling for a long time.

Getting a local sim will make things like using Whatsapp and contacting local Airbnb or hostel hosts far easier. Just be sure to share your number with friends and family at home so that you can still keep in touch.


5. Travel towel

If you’re going to be camping or staying in places that won’t offer you a towel, then it’s worth investing in a micro-fiber travel towel. Putting a slightly damp towel into your backpack is a recipe for lots of slightly damp (and damp-smelling) belongings. Travel towels dry super-quickly and take up less space in your bag. They’re also really lightweight.


6. Roll, don’t fold

Roll up your clothes nice and tight rather than folding them when you pack. This will save you precious luggage space, and will make your clothes less creased when you come to unpack them.


7. Laundry bag

This might sound like advice you’d get from your mother, but she’d be right to give it: get yourself a bag for your dirty laundry so that you can keep your stuff in order whilst you’re on the road. You’d be surprised how difficult this can be when you’re moving around a lot!



8. Download maps offline using is a great tool, which lets you pinpoint where you want to go and download offline maps while you travel — perfect if you’re trying to conserve your data (or don’t have any and are relying on wifi). You can drop pins wherever you want to go so that you don’t forget any recommendations you’ve had from fellow travellers, and can search for routes and destinations.

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