About Us

A travel-by-video experience, delivered by the finest filmmakers, passionate travellers and exceptional travel organizations in the world.

Our Vision of Travelling

We believe travelling is so much more than just moving from A to B: it is a lifestyle and an opportunity to broaden our horizons by stepping out of our comfort zones. We want to encourage people to not only consider more established destinations when they plan their travels but also taking the road less travelled and discover new, exciting places.


By shining a spotlight on some of the best-kept secrets around the world, and allowing travellers to see amazing destinations they otherwise wouldn’t have known existed or felt compelled to visit, we aim to make our contribution to a more equal, sustainable world, where the positive impact of tourism and its benefits can reach further away.

Video-Travelling with Travideo

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then we are sure a video is worth plenty more. To make sure we deliver the best travel-by-video experience possible, we carefully pick our videos from some of the most talented filmmakers, passionate travellers and travel organizations from all around the globe.


At the same time, we are extending an invitation to Travideo’s users to become video-travellers, and we then invite video-travellers to seek inspiration to explore even further.


No need for a passport to embark on this inspiring journey: just an internet connection, a screen, some speakers and the will to explore our ever-surprising world!


Let’s go

Let's Go