Alex Soloviev

Filmmaker Focus: Alex Soloviev

Vianca Meyer

Here’s Alex Soloviev, a filmmaker whose “moves” are well-worth following.

Fortunately for us, we are constantly coming across new talented filmmakers while on the hunt for the most inspiring travel videos around. On this occasion, our focus goes to Alex Soloviev, a very cherished name among Travideo’s staff.


Alex has been travelling extensively to some of the most exciting places on earth. To our delight, he always does so with his cameras and equipment. That is why we have been given the privilege to see these dynamic urban destinations through his often fast-moving perspective – we are referring to the “Moves” sequence.


On a brief chat, we asked Alex for some advice on how to follow his footsteps and the places that make him tick.


Alex Soloviev

Q: What got you into videography and what was the first travel video you ever made?

Alex: I started as a photographer, but after a while, I realized that photos I take can’t express ambience, the mood of the place where they were taken. That was the main reason why I started to film. My first ever video was done in Budapest, was kind of personal travel video rather then what I’m doing now.

Q: What’s your favourite camera to use for shooting video?

Alex: My first camera for video was Sony NEX5N, then I upgraded to Canon 6D (because of the possibility to use Magic Lantern firmware and shot in RAW) and current camera is 5DiV (DualAF – a key feature in run’n’gun filming style).


Q: What’s the best destination you’ve ever visited to shoot a video?

Alex: I love Paris.


Q: Which destination is at the top of your travel bucket list and why?

Alex: Probably Berlin. It’s a complex city with many faces, can be much different each time you visit it.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to budding filmmakers, what would it be?

Alex: Do not shoot long shots. Learn to express the moment in 5-12 seconds. It will train you to catch the moments in the street life before they have gone.


Q: How would you recommend turning filmmaking from a hobby into a job?

Alex: Keep filming, talent is not enough, the experience is key.

You can check out Alex’s page on Travideo to keep up to date with his brilliant work.

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