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These Notorious Nightlife Hotspots Have More to Them Than You Think, and Here’s Proof

Vianca Meyer

Everybody loves a party holiday, and there’s no denying they’re a rite of passage. But if sun, sea, sand and sangria don’t quite satisfy your travel impulses when you’re away, you’ll be pleased to learn that some of the world’s most renowned party destinations have a totally different side to them than first springs to mind.

The hedonism often associated with some of the world’s best cities and beach spots often means that their unique culture and beauty is overlooked. Read on to see a different side to some of the most notorious nightlife hotspots in the world.


1. Ibiza, Spain



Though everybody knows Ibiza for its legendary beach clubs and unbeatable line-up of huge artists every summer, this Balearic island has more to it than legendary nightlife; what about its often unremarked-upon natural beauty? Hiking across the mountains or unwinding on the quieter side of the island could result in some of your most memorable moments in Ibiza. Watch ‘Beautiful Ibiza’ by Daan Van Reijn to experience the other side of the island for yourself.


2. Malia, Crete



A favourite of young Brits, the Malia resort has held its reputation as a watering hole for sun and vodka-shot seekers for a little while now. But what about the rest of Crete? For instance, Balos Beach on Crete’s west coast is one of the most photographed beaches on the island — and is proof that there’s more to Crete than party-goers. Venture away from the beach clubs to find some of the most peaceful and unspoilt spots in all of Greece. ‘Frames of Crete’ by Alex Soloviev reveals all.


3. Cancun, Mexico



Cancun is Spring Break central, but the rest of Mexico is one of the most vibrant and distinctive places you could hope to visit. From its cities to its beaches, its jungles and its cuisine, Mexico is the culture seekers dream. Andrew Julian’s visual representation of this amazing country in ‘Trip to Mexico’ says this better than we could ever hope to in words.


4. Bangkok, Thailand



For many of us, Bangkok will conjure up images of wild, barely remembered nights; The Hangover-style. The city is renowned for its intensity, hence why it is a stopover for many travellers as they head to some of Thailand’s equally famous paradise beaches. Ultimately, Thailand is the young gap-year travellers’ raison d’etre; however, this video by Alberto Tarrero shows a more mature side to the country, proving that when it comes to travelling you will often find what you seek.


5. Berlin, Germany



Berlin, home to the ruthlessly exclusive Berghain, has a nightlife scene to envy any other European city. Techno fans are in their element; but if this isn’t your thing, the city’s rich history, thriving art scene and striking architecture will definitely keep you entertained. Alex Soloviev gets to the heart of Berlin in ‘Berlin — The Inner Layer’.


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