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This Is the Best Spot in Europe for an Affordable Holiday

Vianca Meyer

There’s nothing like a few days away to break up a long stretch of work and no play — but with such a scorcher of a summer drawing to a close and Christmas on the horizon, you might be watching the pennies. If this is the case, we’ve got just the destination for you…

Enter, Poland. With flights for as little as £20 from London and its own currency (Zloty), your money will go a long way in this up-and-coming centre for culture, history, memorable city breaks and relaxing rural retreats.


Read on to catch a glimpse of what could just be the best place to go for an affordable holiday right now.




Warsaw is Poland’s capital, and is a great place to go if it’s your first time in Poland.


It’s a surprisingly green city, so wandering aimlessly through the many parks and open spaces is a lovely way to spend an afternoon (without spending too much money!). Royal Lazienki is particularly beautiful as the sun is going down; and the University Library has a stunning secret rooftop garden which provides a great vantage point across the city.


On a rainy day, there are plenty of affordable galleries and museums where you can go to soak up some culture. The Warsaw Uprising Musueum is free on Sundays, and you can visit a fun Neon Museum for around £2.50.


There’s also plenty of opportunity for affordable food and drink in Warsaw seeing as Poland isn’t in the Eurozone — just do your research online and know where you’re going before you head out.


November is the cheapest time to fly, with return flights from just £30. See more from Warsaw in this video.




Krakow is Poland’s cultural hub, and feels like Warsaw’s slightly cooler younger sibling. It’s an abundance of cobbled streets, striking street art, pretty cafes and fairy-tale architecture, and there’s plenty to keep you entertained if you’re on a tight budget.


The Old Town is particularly beautiful; as is the main market square and the huge Wawel Castle (which offers free admission in November). If you fancy some culture there are plenty of art museums and galleries to meander round; and if you’re interested in the city’s history we’d recommend the Schindler’s Factory — an interactive museum covering the Nazi occupation of Krakow during WWII.


Getting to Krakow is super affordable — you’re looking at around £50 for a return in November. Once you’re there it’s also looking good, with beers costing on average £1.50.


See more from Krakow in this video.




Poznan — one of the country’s oldest cities — can be found in Western Poland, and is known primarily for its universities and its Old Town. The stunning Town Hall dates back to the 14th Century and is now a museum; there’s also a beautiful park named ‘Citadel’ which is littered with brilliant and historically significant sculptures, and a crossiant museum (!) where you can learn about (and eat) the traditional Polish St Martin’s Croissant.


Flights are as cheap as £30 for a return. See more from Poznan in this video.



Tucked away in the Southwest of Poland is Gmina Stare Bogaczowice — an area made up of eight small villages that embody Polish rural life. Visitors must fly to Wroclaw (for around £30) and from there it’s just an hour or so by car to Stare Bogaczowice.


This is the place to go if you’re looking to get back to nature and escape city life. You can visit an old Dutch Mill in Gostkow, fish or swim in Zalew (a manmade freshwater pool), explore the many beautiful churches and ruins nearby, or catch a sunset up by St Anna’s Chapel. Stare Bogacwice is peace, quiet and serenity personified.


See more in this video.


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