Video-Travel by Category

Not every traveller seeks the same. Find inspiration in these travel themes we have put together and get on with your video-travels.

A Traveller's Experience

You could well be the person behind the camera.

Dreamful Beaches

Sun-kissed idyllic escapes in warmer latitudes.


Mouth-watering videos from all around the world. Don’t watch before lunch.

Iconic Landmarks

There’s a reason why they’re famous: these are the videos starring the most recognizable wonders from our world.

Local Culture

These are the people that make our world beautifully diversified.

Natural Beauty

When Nature starts showing off, we are here to watch and applaud.

The Road Less Travelled

Videos shot off-the-beaten-track to unveil some of the world’s best, unspoiled places.

Urban Essence

Frenetic vibes from some of the most bustling cities in the world.

Let's Go